40 Tons x 1.0 Meter # M4500 (Press Cum Brake) ::

Max. Force : 40 tons
No.of Strokes for Punching : 24
Day Light (RAM up) : 260
Max. Stroke : 95
Throat : 200
Table Size : 300 x 1000
RAM Size : 125 x 1000
Over all Size : 1225W x 1340L x 2175H
Motor Power : 5 HP
Working Pressure : 185Kg/cm²
  • This is Hydraulically operated Machine with least number of moving parts. All wear parts are suitably hardened. Ideal bending speeds for bending, without the impact of power presses. We have used the best of pumps, motors and electricals in the construction of the machine. Factory floor area occupied is minimum.
  • Hardened and ground bending punch and die.
  • your existing punch and die can also be used.
  • Fitted with adjustable back gage.
  • Good for Punching as well as Bending.
  • Particularly goes well with our Unit Tool System for Punching holes.
  • Good for notching, Louvering, Embossing, Lancing, Knock out, Strip Shearing, External corner radius and Counter sunk, Flange for threading tools with the use of unitised system.
  • Can provide Shank type holder RAM, to hold your existing open type tools.
  • Investments in the press should be the first step to grow out of a fly press.
Suitable for many a sheet component for wide application in auto, lighting, refrigeration, UPS housing, telecom equipments, instrument panels, for both punching and bending very much suited for use in cell manufacturing as the foot pedal is provided. Very cost effective machine, which keeps the cost per component very low.