25 Tons x 1.2 Meter # M2950 (Press Cum Brake) ::


Width for bending : 1200mm
Max. Force : 25 tons
No.of Strokes for Punching : 28
Day Light (RAM up) : 250
Max. Stroke : 70
Throat : 300
Table Size : 300 x 1220
RAM Size : 125 x 1220
Over all Size : 1200 x 1215 x 1875
Motor Power : 5 HP
Working Pressure : 185Kg/cm²
  • This is Hydraulically operated Machine with least number of moving parts. All wear parts are suitably hardened. Ideal bending speeds for bending, without the impact of power presses. We have used the best of pumps, motors and electricals in the construction of the machine. Factory floor area occupied is minimum.
  • Hardened and ground bending punch and die.
  • your existing punch and die can also be used.
  • Fitted with adjustable back gage.
Highly popular Model, with electrical panel builders for all work connected with the control panel building. For punching, Notching, Folding, Meter mount cut outs etc.