42 dia x Electrical x 1 axis # M 5600 ::

Tube Dia (OD) - Max. : 42mm
Material : MS
Wall Thickness (in mm) : 2mm
Max. Tube Length (in mm) : 1500mm
CLR (Max) : 100
Hyd. Clamping : NA
Method of Clamping Pipe : Manual
Mandrel Pulling : Hydraulic
Encoder & Digital Read Out : Optional
Indexing 'B' axis : With Front Stopper
Y-Axis Movement : Tube Stopper
C' Axis Bend Angle : Manual
Over all sizes (L x W x H) (in mm) : 2150 x 750 x 1100

Designed For Left Hand bending Rack And Pinion Actuation For Bending
Accepts Wiper Die & Mandrel Where Needed All Wear Parts Suitably Hardened
Rotational Speed of Bending Arm Variable  

House hold Appliances Air Conditioners
Medical Equipments Furnitures
Room Air conditioners Automotive Tubing
Hot Water Line Motor Cycle Parts
Auto Fuel Line Hospital Equipments
Heat Exchangers Hydraulic Fittings
Gas Fittings Seating Systems For Trucks
Light Fittings Door handles

Manually operated toggle clamps for clamping pipe and positioning pressure die. Swing arm can be fitted with front stoppers for 2nd / 3rd position of bend. Electrical cam switch for 'C' angle control. Good for low investment / low production. Manual return of pressure die to starting position. Screw Clamps for SS.