42 dia x NC Control x 1 axis # M 4700 ::

Max. Tube Dia : 42mm
Max. Wall Thickness : 2mm
Max. Tube Length : 2000mm
Max. Tube C.L.R : 125
Hyd. Clamping : Standard
Method of Clamping Pipe : Hydraulic
Mandrel Pulling : Hydraulic
Encoder & Digital Read Out : Standard
Indexing 'B' Axis : Manual
Y Axis : Manual
C Axis : NC Control With Digital Readout
Over all Size : 3300 / 1400 x 1400

Disappearing Clamping Die Hydraulic Clamping
Rapid Indexing for 'B' Axis NC Control for Bending Angle
Program memory 10 jobs x 7 Bends Does not Require Front Stoppers

House hold Appliances Air Conditioners
Medical Equipments Furnitures
Room Air conditioners Automotive Tubing
Hot Water Line Motor Cycle Parts
Auto Fuel Line Hospital Equipments
Heat Exchangers Hydraulic Fittings
Gas Fittings Seating Systems For Trucks
Light Fittings Door handles

Productive, general purpose bender wtih hydraulic clamping of pipe. B-axis rotation, with manual rapid indexing arrangement. Disapperaing type clamp jaws (clamp in, mandrel in, pressure die in, bend, pull back mandrel, release clamp, release pressure die)