Bending Punching Shearing ::

Item Material Thickness, Width Cylinder Stroke Punching Capacity Motor Weight
Punching  Copper T15 x W150(200mm) 45 mm Ø4.3 ˜ Ø 25 5 HP - 6P             
(220V - 380V)
1400 Kg (1500Kg)
Aluminium T15 x W150(200mm) Ø4.3 ˜ Ø 25
Steel T6 x W150(200mm) Ø8 ˜ Ø 20
Bending Copper T15 x W150(200mm) 90 mm   5HP - 6P
Aluminium T15 x W150(200mm)
Steel T8 x W150(200mm)
Cutting Copper T15 x W150(200mm) 50 mm   7.5HP - 6P
Aluminium T15 x W150(200mm)
Steel T6 x W100(100mm)

  • Allows three operators to simultaneously work on cropping, punching and bending separately.
  • Good for copper, aluminium busbars, upto 150 x 12 thick materials.
  • Hydraulically actuated, with independent circuits.
  • Supplied with standard bending dies and selected punches and dies for piercing.
  • Interchangeable punches and dies for piercing holes.
  • External support for free end of busbars
  • For low output quantities a similar machines with common power pack, can be supplied at a lower price. In this case, one operation can be done at a time.
  • Point of piercing and line of bending, location is done visually